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Bob Sengar

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Bob  Sengar

Bob Sengar

Broker, ABR®, SRES®


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Success Stories


Your personal comments are important to me. If you would like to submit your testimonial, please send me an e-mail with your full name and remarks to include on this page. I appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.


Tetimonial #1

This letter is to thank you Bobby Sengar for the excellent services he provided us when he sold our home in Etobicoke.  Due to uniqueness of our home, he

had the positive attitude and willingness to try a different approach. We are pleasantly surprised to see that he sold our home in 10 days and we got the price,

we were planning on.  We had complete trust in Bobby and we found him to be extremely professional, reliable and exceptionally honest. We have

recommended Bobby and will be doing so again to all our friends and family. 


Marcelin & Steve Hazard, Etobicoke, Ontario   


Tetimonial #2 

It is my pleasure to recommend Bobby Sengar for his outstanding services in buying me a Condo.  He was very patient and showed me many properties and

explained in detail the differences, including re-sale values. Bobby helped me save more than $22,000 with his amazing negotiation skills!  Because of his

integrity and professionalism, Bobby is the Realtor for me and without any hesitation, I would recommend him to all my family and friends. 


Rodney Daneil, Brampton, Ontario   


Tetimonial #3 

I am more than happy with the service and professionalism of Bobby Sengar in presenting my home.  But the greatest thing was that he sold my Condo in 1

week at the 100% of the asking price.  His ability to understand the clients' need made the whole resale experience a pleasurable one. Sincerely, I wish him all

the success in the future and I am pleased to recommend Bobby without hesitation. 


Bryan McKone, Mississauga, Ontario


Tetimonial #4

Recently our family decided it was time to sell our home and began to look for a real estate agent. We are so pleased that we trusted Bobby Sengar with the

sale of our home.  Prior to putting our home on the market, Bobby made himself available to us to go over the selling process and what we could expect.  He

was patient and truthfully answered all of our questions.  When it came time to list the house we trusted Bobby's expertise in the current market to decide on a

price that we felt was in line with the current trends in our neighbourhood. Imagine our surprise when at the end of our first day of showings, there were multiple

offers registered on the property.  Bobby's negotiating tactics were fair but firm and by the end of the day had our house sold for $21,000 over asking!


We would recommend Bobby Sengar to anyone that is looking for an honest and hardworking real estate agent.  He truly delivered on his promise to us! 



Darren and Sarah Burroughs   


Tetimonial #5

As first time Buyers, we like to thank you Bobby Sengar for his very friendly services. Bobby was very patient and spent lots of time showing us many

different houses. When we found our dream house, we wanted to pay full price for it but Bobby with his experience and calmness saved us great deal of

money and also helped us get more money back from sellers with his amazing negotiating skills.

We recommend Bobby to all Buyers and Sellers because he always fights for your benefit and he does this with great integrity.



Deepak Kumar & Shakuntla Devi Sharma
Brampton, Ontario


Tetimonial #6

This letter is to recognize Bobby Sengar for his friendly and professional services during the sale and purchase of my houses. During the process some

problematic situations arose, and Bobby demonstrated his total commitment to his client. Bobby sacrificed some of his benefits to ensure the smoothest

possible transition for me. He assisted me in resolving issues, and in the interim, helped me save thousands of dollars and numerous headaches.

Bobby always stood by me in every aspect of house buying & selling like a true friend. When others left me alone during times where I was at the end of my

patience, and all seemed lost, who was by my side to help me, but Bobby.

This is my fourth real estate purchase, and I must say that I feel that I've developed a true friendship throughout this entire process. I would recommend Mr.

Bobby Sengar to all Real Estate Buyers and Sellers without hesitation if they are looking for the personal touch, and to make their transition and experience

something they will never forget or regret.


William Harrington


Tetimonial #7

We would like to thank you Bobby Sengar for his friendly and professional Real Estate services.

We think Bobby is a top negotiator because not only he Sold our Condo $2100 over asking price but also helped us Save Thousands of Dollars in our New

House purchase.

To all Buyers and Sellers in the market, call Bobby before hiring any Realtor and we are sure that you will also find him to be energetic, trustworthy

professional, who always has your interest in mind.


Manoj & Vishakha Dave
Mississauga, Ontario


Tetimonial #8

I would like to thank you Bobby Sengar for his hard work in finding us a beautiful home. I find him very reliable, honest and extremely professional. Bobby

always had my interest in mind and made my buying experience extremely easy and pleasurable.

I recommend Bobby to all Buyers & Sellers for his Expertise, Experience and Integrity.


Thiessen L Muir
Mississauga, Ontario


Tetimonial #9

My wife and I just decided to put our house up for Sale. My sister, recently Sold her home with Bobby and only had great things to say about their experience

with him. We trusted that Bobby would sell our home quickly and for a good price and we were very pleased when he Sold our Home $28,000 over asking price

in less than 1 week! Our search for a new home began and after few weeks we finally found a house that met the needs of our family. There were many trips

out to look at homes and Bobby was always patient and made himself available, often with very short notice.

If you are looking for a professional agent that has your best interest at heart then Bobby Sengar is the agent to call!

Andrew Neil
Brampton, Ontario


Tetimonial #10

We would like to recognize Bobby Sengar for his friendly and professional services. We are first time buyers and we found Bobby through Internet and we are

so pleased to say that because of his hard work and great negotiation skills, we were able to purchase our lovely home.

We are happy to recommend Bobby Sengar to all Buyers and Sellers, because of his honest and friendly services.


Ravi Lunia & Annu Bothra, (Brampton


Tetimonial #11

This letter is to thank you Bobby Sengar for providing us very honest & professional services. One of our family friends recommended Bobby's name to us.

During the interview, Bobby explained in detail about the Buying/Selling procedures and after listing our house with him, Bobby very confidently Sold our house

firm, in 2 days, at 100% of asking price and also helped us in purchasing our Dream Home. He was very patient and made himself available at our convenient


We are very pleased with Bobby's service and we have recommended him to our neighbours and friends already and wish him the very best.


Maqsood Kharal, Farhat Jabeen & Salman Maqsood, (Brampton)


Tetimonial #12

To all my neighbours thinking of listing their houses with a real estate broker this year.

Just a word of thanks to Bobby Sengar whose professionalism, knowledge and skill made my dreams of living close to my daughter and her family north of

Brampton a reality.

"Bobby sold my House for $12500.00 Over Asking Price in One Week."

I now consider him to be a true friend and welcome him into my home anytime.

Thank You Bobby Sengar

Your client and friend
John Henderson
Brampton, Ontario


Tetimonial #13

I am grateful to have met Bobby Sengar and there was a comfort to his personality and how he presented himself in a professional manner. My house needed

some work but Bobby negotiated and sold my house in as is condition at a good price, we were hoping for, in 16 days.

Bobby has gone an extra mile for me and my family in many occasions and he has served us with great sincerity and honesty. I will be very happy to

recommend Bobby to anyone who wants to Buy or Sell their House.


Joana Anderson, Etobicoke, Ont.


Testimonial #14

This letter is to recognize Bobby Sengar for Selling our Home in 15 Days for Top Dollars!!!

My Family interviewed Bobby and we all gladly decided that he is the best Realtor to represent & Sell our beautiful Home.

Bobby did an awesome job in marketing our Home and conducted Open Houses to generate more buyer interest.

When we finally received a nice offer on our Home, Bobby explained all the details and mentioned that if we want, we can still reject this offer and he will keep

on working hard towards bringing more offers. We truly felt very comfortable with Bobby’s style of working and would like to recommend him to all Buyers and

especially Sellers who want to hire an Honest & Professional Realtor with great helping attitude.


Camilla & Giovannino Rosati 


Testimonial #15

This letter is to thank you Bobby Sengar for his professional & friendly Real Estate services.

We had few Realtors on our list but after interviewing Bobby, we had no more doubts in our mind and decided to hire Bobby to Sell our house.

Our house needed some tender loving care and Bobby ran a great marketing campaign to generate more buyer interest in our house and with his outstanding

negotiating skills, he sold our house at 99% of asking price.

We are extremely pleased with Bobby Sengar and would like to ask all buyers and sellers in real estate market to just have one interview with Bobby and we

are sure that you’ll also find him to be very helpful, understanding & honest professional, who only has your benefit in his mind.



Kamiya & Abhinandan 


Testimonial #16

Bobby is a true sales professional.   He  demonstrated patience and grace to put me and my family at ease during the sale of our home.

He negotiated with skill and got me a higher price for my home than I was expecting without making the process stressful. His marketing plan created more

foot traffic that I was hoping for resulting in a timely sale in the timeline that we had agreed to.

Bobby made himself available for questions and keep in constant contact with me throughout the sale. I have rarely come across a person with that kind of

dedication to his craft.  At the end of process Bobby sold my house for 23K over asking.


I will always recommend Bobby to sell/buy a house with. 

Chris and Kim Notley,  Brampton


Testimonial #17

Our neighbours last year hired Bobby Sengar to Sell and Buy their House and strongly recommended Bobby’s name to us.  Finally, we decided to Sell our

current House to Buy a bigger House.

When we called Bobby, we were under a lot of stress thinking about the Selling and Buying process.

Bobby quickly understood our situation and spent a good amount of time explaining the process and also answering our questions in detail. We felt very

comfortable hiring him for the job.

Bobby made us Outrageously Happy when he Sold our House $61,000 Over Asking Price in 8 Days!!!

He also helped us Buy a Beautiful & Spacious House in the Georgetown area, at a very reasonable price.

Bobby is a fearless negotiator and showed his complete commitment towards his job. He always stayed in-touch during the whole process and spent a good

amount of time and his resources in marketing our house.

We would like to recommend Bobby to all the Buyers and Sellers who are also looking for Stress free, Honest & Friendly Real Estate services.


Maria Feliza Dalag & Honorato Dalag


Testimonial #18

After meeting with few Realtors, I recognize that Bobby Sengar carried a very positive & friendly attitude with him. His experience & knowledge in

Real Estate was very impressive and I decided to list our house for sale through Bobby.

Bobby sold our house at a very good price and also helped us get a beautiful house at a great location.

Because of Bobby’s aggressive but fair negotiations, we received big benefits in both selling and buying our house. I would like to recommend

Bobby Sengar to all Buyers & Sellers looking for an honest and reliable Realtor.


Your sincerely,

Gaurav Verma


Testimonial #19

Commendation for Bobby Sengar Regrading Sale of House in Brampton, ON

Bobby was introduced to me by my neighbours after he helped them sell their house a few months ago. Their house was sold at a price above asking and they

told me they enjoyed working with Bobby and would use his services again any time.

I have just sold my house through Bobby; again, Bobby was able to negotiate for the highest price on my street to date. During my interactions with Bobby, I

found him to be very professional yet friendly. He advised me on how best to prepare my house for sale based on the expectations of buyers.

Bobby was firm but respectful in his negotiations with other agents. He was able to generate multiple offers and my house was sold firm within a week. I highly

recommend Bobby to anyone who is looking for a successful realtor to work with.

Thank you Bobby for a great job and thanks to your staff too!!


Moji Osonowo

Brampton, Ontario


Testimonial #20

I would recommend Bobby to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. He is professional, efficient and always looks out for maximum value for his clients.

He is now the only agent I will use.

James Henderson


Testimonial #21

Bobby was very professional and patient as he helped us find our first perfect home. We looked through several houses and finally Bobby showed us the house that checked off all boxes of our list and we were blown away. He then negotiated with the seller and helped us get the price that was perfect for our budget.

Puneet Sharma


Testimonial #22

Bobby Sengar being our realtor has shown professionalism and has become a good friend of ours because of his work ethics and making sure that he always does his job right. I have and I will always refer Bobby to my friends and family.

Thanks Bobby.

Daniel A


Testimonial #23

Thank you for helping us buying our first house very professional patient kind friendly i will recommend you to anyone thank you merry christmas and we are happy this new year from dumo family.

Jhun Christopher Dumo


Testimonial #24

I would like to commend Bobby for his excellent customer service, however his empathy & care for his clients surpasses his task at hand: finding your dream home! 

He is passionate about what he does & truly wants nothing but the best for his clients. 

I would recommend him in a heartbeat! 

Mariela Burkett, Brampton


Testimonial #25

I hired Bobby based on the recommendation of a friend of mine, who sold his house about 6 months ago. He was very happy with the work Bobby did so I hired him. It has been a great experience. I did'nt have to do anything, he made me feel calm when I was getting anxious about certain things. He obviously got me more than what I was asking for and I did'nt have to do any work involved with that. I was little concerned when the first offer fell through but he got a better offer on the second time. I would recommend Bobby to any of my friends and family.

Neal Collins, Brampton


Tetimonial #26

We were debating about selling our house now or waiting till the Real Estate market got better.  We decided to call Bobby Sengar to help us understand our options. Bobby, very patiently listened and answered all of our questions. He had a clear picture of the current market and was very confident that he can help us achieve our goals and we decided to give him the job to sell our house.

Bobby surprised us by selling our house firm in 2 days at the 100% of Asking price and we were so thrilled because without wasting any time we went ahead and bought our next beautiful house!

Bobby is very caring, very trustworthy, prompt to return calls and we would love to recommend him to all buyers & sellers looking for help.

Gisele & Alex


Testimonial #27

Bobby Sengar helped us get 27000 Dollars more than our Asking Price with his amazing Negotiating and Marketing skills.

Bobby is very professional and friendly Realtor and we would love to refer him to all the Buyers and Sellers in the market.


Wilhelmina De Vroomen


Testimonial #28 

My son recommended Bobby because Bobby sold my son’s house for Top Dollars and he sold my house in 2 days for above asking price.

Bobby is a very friendly, professional and kind person and I will recommend Bobby to all my friends for the excellent job he provided for me.

Jaiwanti Jeethan


Testimonial #29

I would just like to express my gratitude to Bobby Sengar, Broker with Homelife Superstars Real Estate. Bobby’s unsurpassed professionalism made this daunting task of selling our house manageable.

After 51 years my mother decided to sell her house, a home where our family shared so many fond memories. It was a difficult and emotional decision and many tears were shed. Bobby displayed patience and compassion as he guided us throughthe selling process. We had a special request, finding the perfect buyers who would appreciate and respect the home and all its attributes. Bobby was determined to make us happy and he delivered. Bobby prepared and presented a realistic plan and with in a couple of days a lovely family toured the home, loved it and the house was sold over asking. Our family is certain that the buyers will enjoy the legacy of memories, craftsmanship and pride that makes this house a home.

Bobby and his team worked diligently to satisfy our request and Bobby definitely delivered to our satisfaction. He worked closely with us as our chosen Broker and as a devoted friend.

I have no reservation in recommending Bobby Sengar, a reliable, professional Real Estate Broker to my family and friends. Thank you Bobby!    

Turrin Family


Testimonial #30

I would like to share what a wonderful experience I had with Bobby Sengar.

I have dealt with other real estate agents in the past and no one guided my wife and I like Bobby did. His professionalism and gentle being helped make the selling of our Georgetown family home a very easy experience. At times we were feeling stressed due to the market and had to call upon Bobby for questions we both had in regards to market in which he helped paint a clear picture to those calming answers that helped us understand.
He also took on all our stress and made it his priority so that we can live day to day and focus on our family. Never did we ever feel that this was a business transaction in any shape or form. He talked in a way that made us both feel like he was a personal friend instead of a busy business man that was just out to make a quick buck.

He also helped us buy our NEW build home at the bottom of Georgian Bay where now we can call home and welcome Bobby anytime him and his family come up to the area. I'm forever grateful that I had the chance to meet such a kind and very intelligent human being in this world that I can now call one of my now personal friends.

Thank you Bobby from my wife and I. Whomever interacts with this gentlemen will see his great ability to make your next buying adventure a wonderful experience. Not to mention his determination and hard work on getting us the best selling price for our past home. Out with the old and in with the new, Thank you Bobby Sengar for making this one of the best experiences of our life.

The Couto Family.


Testimonial #31

Hi Bobby Sengar,

It was fantastic experience with Mr. Bobby. He helped me to get my first ever home property he gave me the best unit option at the time of booking . It's been months now of the transaction but he never missed to surprise me with his lovely hand written cards and gifts on special occasions and festival which is so kind of him. He is humble and very knowledgeable, have great communication skills and most importantly he values his clients money and requirements so dealing with such highly professional agent with always smiling and enthusiasm was superb experience. He is the best realtor I recommend each of you.

Ravi Dadhich


Testimonial #32

Respectful, knowledgeable and kind. Simply a pleasure to do business with. Bobby sold our condo in less than two days less than a thousand under asking price. We would have sold lower but Bobby ensured we got every dollar we could. Highly recommend!

Gavin John


Testimonial #33

Bob’s name was recommended to me, and when I met him, I was amazed by his knowledge of every unit in the building. His professionalism and follow-up made selling easy and stress-free for me. Bob's outstanding negotiating abilities helped me fix some unavoidable issues and Bob sold my condo for full price. If you want a polite, professional, dedicated, and experienced realtor, call Bob Sengar.

Kevin John


Testimonial #34

Hi, My name is Fiorella. Bobby Sengar sold my house with in 48 hours. He is very friendly and professional. He got me more than what I ask for and I would recommend him to everyone. Call Bobby Sengar if you are seriously thinking about selling your home.

Fiorella Bubola

Toronto, On



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First I would like to thank you for visiting my website..Here you will find the wide range of houses for sale in Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan and Toronto areas. Today's Real Estate market is very competative and the question is..

Why Would You Hire Me?


1. Working For 16 Year - Multiple Award Winner, Full Time Realtor.

2. 90% Of My Business Comes From Repeat Clients And Their Referrals.

3. You Are Welcome To Call My Previous Clients Before Hiring Me!

4. To Stay Energetic & Competitive, I Joyfully Invest Time In Exercising, Reading & Skill Enhancement.

5. Last But Not The Least - I Love My Job!


I believe that sales is an art which needs to be studied on daily basis..

The Real Estate market is shifting again..You need a Realtor on your side who has a proven track record of handling all transactions with great care and due diligence. In my opinion, the job of a Realtor is not only to sell your house for Top Dollars but also help you negotiate the best possible conditions on the Sale and Purchase Agreement in your favour. That's why, I always welcome my current clients to call my previous clients before hiring. Please don't forget to check out the client Testimonials 

I am a Full time Realtor who can speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu & English languages. I have received Top 5%Sales Representitive in Canada Award (GSC) (2015), Lifetime Achievement Award (2015), President's Club Award (2015 & 2016), Supreme Club Award (2017), Principal Club Memeber Award (2019), Grand Master Club Member Award (2020) From Homelife Canada, Highest Producer Award (2021 From Builder Edgewood Greens) 

I have also achieved designations in representing house buyers ABR and also SRES for the friends in 50+ age group, who may be thinking about aging and issues with property for themselves and their Elder parents. If you are looking to buy a house, please click Find My Dream Home and Power Of Sale Properties.

My purpose for you is to be, so Outrageously Happy with the help I provide you, that you'll gladly introduce me to atleast 2 people that you really care about, even before your own transaction is closed!


If you own real estate that you're thinking of selling, I would be happy to provide you with a FREE Home Evaluation.

For buying and selling real estate in GTA, call me for a free, no obligation consultation today. Please feel free to call me in case you have any further questions!


Best Regards,

Bob Sengar

Broker, ABR, SRES




Designation: SRES®

Specialty: The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) Designation,Seniors Real Estate Specialists® (SRES®) Designation, Financial Management Advisor (FMA) Designation, Diploma in Network & Communication Technician(Honours)

Experience: 15 Years

Awards: Top 5% Sales Rep. in Canada (GSC),President's Club Award, Lifetime Achievement Award (Homelife 2015), President's Club Award (Homelife 2016), Supreme Club Award (2017)

Area Covered: Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, Hamilton, Haldimand, Paris, Oshawa, Bowmanville, New Castle

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu